fountain dew's strategy.

  • 1. identify product and service

    Before any MOBILE or SOCIAL strategy is put into place, it is vital that we sit with our clients and determine their overall mission. Solidifying what PRODUCT or SERVICE is going to be offered is the main ingredient in creating the most successful roadmap to accomplishing their goals. Expectations are matched with a realistic plan of how MOBILE and SOCIAL can be used to meet their bottom line. Creating the right customized campaign strategy is our expertise and recommending necessary adjustments throughout the duration of the campaign is our norm.

  • 2. mobile and social integration

    Once we have solidified the Product and Service offering, the next goal is to choose the right mobile PLATFORM to drive the rest of the mission. Whether creating an IPHONE, Android, Blackberry application, deploying a SMS/MMS marketing campaign, or deploying a WAP site, Fountain Dew will take the necessary steps to arm the campaign by integrating the appropriate Social connectors to disseminate and propagate the product and/or service effectively and efficiently.

  • 3. execution

    Building a Mobile Application is indeed an important aspect of the Fountain Dew Strategy, but the execution on how we get the application in front of as many people as possible is just as important! No matter how good a mobile application, the lack of users and social buzz will negate the true nature of our strategy to converge mobile and social media to create tangible results. Fountain Dew creates a balanced recipe of mobile and social components to get your product communicated to the right audience.

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  • 4. results

    We take great pride in engineering and integrating the right hooks within all of our solutions to provide the right metrics necessary to make intelligent decisions. We are able to make modifications and aggressively fine tune different channels in our strategies at any given time. The power to CAPTURE, CONVERT, and RETAIN your customers relies significantly on the type of feedback available.