• mobile applications and WAP sites

    Smart Phones are penetrating the mobile markets at amazing levels. The adoption of the vaious open mobile development platforms has given birth to a sea of creative, entertaining, and productive applications. Fountain Dew specializes in creating custom cross platform solutions for the iPhone, Blackberry, Anroid, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian devices alike. We can also create customized WAP sites to represent a mobile friendly extension of your current website. Whether you need a custom Social Game to match your brand or to create a full handheld online ordering system, we are here to bridge the mobile gap between your brand and your customers. Our Mobile Applications will be the 3rd Screen to keep your consumers engaged and immersed in your Brand or Service.

  • sms/mms

    Mobile Marketing is here to stay and the most effective and ubiquitous channel amongst all mobile phone subscribers is via SMS Commications. Recent Nielson studies claim that SMS texting surpasses the amout of voice calls that are made. The 3rd Quarter of 2008 proved to be the tipping point when it was reported that 202 million of 263 million American wireless subscribers were now paying for text messaging as part of their overall package. Fountain Dew has one of the most sophisticated SMS/MMS Campaign Management Application (TADpole™) on the market. Fountain Dew can manage, deploy, and integrate a full SMS campaign to work hand in hand with any part of our mobile strategies.

  • email marketing

    Email Marketing has evolved and has transformed into so many different flavors since its inception. Although Mobile has offered a new direct avenue of communication with consumers, email marketing will always prove to be one of the necessary ingredients in any marketing campaign. Fountain Dew will work with Brands and Services alike to levereage any current email database or work to strategize an integration to work hand in hand with any mobile and social capaign strategy.

  • blogging

    The Wall Street Journal has noted that there are over 452,000 BLOGGERS in America that claim this as their primary source of income. This paradigm shift of how to "SPREAD the WORD" has changed the landscape of how to execute a marketing campaign. Blogging has truly been a major catalyst in the convergence of advertising, marketing, and public realations online. Fountain Dew can create the right mixture and strategy to either fine tune your current blogging campaigns or start a new integration within your brands culture. Integrating Blogging is so important in the digital PR arena as this forum lends the perfect hooks to propogate your mobile app, you lends the perfect hooks to propagate your mobile solutions virally.

  • social media

    Social Media is here whether you like it or not! The true convergence of PR, Advertising and Marketing online culminates within these networks. Fountain Dew firmly believes that this is the one of the main ingredients for deploying a successful mobile component. Whether it be setting up a TWITTER following or a FACEBOOK profile, we will customize which networks make sense for your overall mission. Fountain Dew will not just setup the channels, but we will guide your company in building and maintaining these channels!

  • mobile gaming

    The Gaming industry has exploded in exponential rates with it's technology being smaller, powerful and mobile. The processing power in these handhelds have given birth to the craze of mobile gaming and is the largest category of downloads of all the various application sites. Fountain Dew takes pride in our ability to create a fully integrated Social games with a Brand's mobile application. We believe that all mobile applications that have a gaming component can only lead to pure BRAND IMMERSION and CONVERSION. Our staff is complete with Graphic Designers and Gaming Programmers ready to create custom games to intertwine with your overall mobile strategy.

  • website, graphics and custom development

    Fountain Dew is very fortunate to have over 25+ yeas of experience with a true melting pot of expertise. Nothing is outsouced and all our experts are in-house! From the creative to the technological aspect of every project, we have you covered! We can go far beyond mobile development and assist in creating anything from marketing, graphics, and animation material all the way to integrating and working with your IT department to programmatically integrate any of our solutions to your current IT systems. We are truly a ONE STOP SHOP!