what is fountain dew?

Fountain Dew provides full service Mobile Application solutions with tightly integrated Social components for brands and services alike. The success in our recipe is not to just build the solution but to marry the product with a plan that utilizes advertising, marketing, and PR. This strategy is paramount in order for the product to convert into brand recognition, conversion and retention. All of our solutions provide key focal measuring points of usability, interaction, and profitability.

Building a creative Mobile Application cannot produce any results if there is not a strategic way to get it in front as many users as possible. In this new age of Smart Phone applications, it is vital that a plan is formulated to keep the buzz going about the solution or it may result in your product swimming in the sea of millions of applications. Our job is to keep our mobile solutions IN MIND and IN SIGHT.

7.11.08 – the day of the App Store opening.

Fountain Dew's brand 3monk3ys.com had three iPhone applications on the day the App Store opened. We have had a great number of downloads since then. In Auguest 2008, our apps were listed on a several iPhone application magazines in Japan. Also Mr. Son, the president of Softbank, Japanese iPhone carrier, showcased his favorite iPhone apps including our iSoroban during their press conference of the first quarter 2008 financial results. Japanese article here