who is fountain dew.

Fountain Dew is a melting pot of Self Made Entrepreneurs, Sales Executives, Project Managers, Engineers, Designers, Artists and the hardest working individuals on the PLANET! We have offices in Central Florida, South Carolina, Las Vegas, and in Los Angeles. The broad spectrum of experience in creating and deploying efficient and scalable enterprise solutions has been in our forte for the past 25+ years. It's not just about the technology but it is about the overall RECIPE of planning, researching, building, managing and executing projects that makes us a cut above the rest.

Thinking outside the box defines the "FOUNTAIN" of ideas that continue to resonate in our company. Our technology guru and design guru can put any projects together beautifully and functionally. We believe road blocks are just obstacles to overcome and we strive to always have multiple solutions rather than just one. Fountain Dew was born on the premise of TEAMWORK and that everybody plays a key role in the success of every project that we engage in. We believe strongly in working SMARTER rather than HARDER which always results in a WIN WIN result. Our project strategy entails systematic and proven methodologies to ensure that we are communicating every milestone, every deliverable, and keeping everybody up-to-date.

The Proof is in the Pudding! We do DELIVER! We pride ourselves in our abilities to get things done!

  • Jeff Jolley | Ubergeek Supreme

    Jeff is proud to be a geek. Unlike dorks and nerds, geeks are super cool, and Jeff is an awesome geek. Armed with a degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, he kind of decided he enjoyed coding more. He loves to loose himself in Objective-C (the development language of the iPhone), java, .NET, SQL and more. He tends to prefer the SCRUM development process.

    We voted for Jeff to be the Grand Poobah of Fountain Dew because he truly feels uncomfortable bossing people around. So how do we get things done? We all love what we do, so when we mention an idea, everyone says "I can do this, I can do that" and we just turn to him for "Yea" or "Nay". But if someone strays, he whispers into the ear of his trusty ninja, Yumi, and she will be his sword!

    Before starting Fountain Dew, Jeff was the Director of Application Development for a Fortune 500 Hospitality Company. He directs over 16 software developers that work in a wide range of projects, including database management, connectivity, web applications, web services and any business need that comes up. He doesn't just manage, but codes, fixes bugs, designs architecture, and basically works for a living. He is responsible for IT strategy, architecture, security, encryption and anything that requires heavy duty geeking. He is constantly studying new technologies, and likes to develop his computer skills.

    We sometimes groan when he starts up his MacBook Pro, opens terminal, and starts doing everything using UNIX commands. We can't prove it, but we think he may be showing off.

  • Gabriel Marín-Reyes | Creative Fountainhead

    Gabriel is responsible for all creative direction and content for Fountain Dew, including graphic design, interface design, user experience, animations, video content, illustrations and marketing material.

    What makes Gabriel unique is his wide diversity of disciplines and work experiences. He has been an art director for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, a creative director in the telecom industry, a manager in the Pre-Press industry, a principal in a web technology company, web master and multimedia manager in a fortune 500 company, and lover of creative technologies.

    He was a traditional artist/illustrator prior to 1988 when he discovered the Mac SE, and ever since has been fascinated with combining creative skills with technical skills. Since then he personally has done print media, interactive media, kiosks, animations, TV commercials, online media, 3d animations and illustrations and even databases.

    His passion remains how to combine art, creativity and technology. He looks at the mobile technology platform as the new frontier.

  • Yumi Ayers | Puppet Master

    Yumi is the glue. She is the puppet master. She is the boss, the hub, the dragon lady, the queen bee, and the gatekeeper. She is our project manager, and all projects go through her. She is a sweetheart that pulls, pushes, bullies, bribes and threatens and basically makes certain everyone does his or her part.

    Yumi's extensive background in web development, coupled with her graphic design and multimedia experience makes her well suited to the task of managing our projects. She understands the creative and technical aspects of Fountain Dew projects. She has a passion for both creative and technical issues.

    As our resident import from Japan, she takes morbid pleasure in letting us know how much more advanced Japan is in terms of mobile platform options. We hate that she is usually right.

    Her past experiences have ranged from web and multimedia development for a fortune 500 company, print specialist for a top technical company, and designing all manner of media and communication pieces. She also designs and writes the html and css for all our sites in code view. No wimpy graphic user interface for our girl!

    She loves technology and is proud to be a geek! Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and though she runs a tight ship, she does it with a smile and a kind word.

  • Tommy Le | Code Colonel

    Tommy is our favorite code monkey. We made Fountain Dew under the mantra of "it's all about fun", so when Tommy first joined us, he couldn't believe how we teased, insulted, joked and basically were completely politically incorrect towards each other. Being from a very polite Asian culture, we found it fun to watch his shock, which turned to glee, and then open laughter. Just the other day, he actually "burned" one of the creatives. We have a lot of work ahead, but he will learn.

    As you can guess, Tommy is our most serious member, so we put him in charge of the serious stuff, like application development, support, maintenance, security and technical deployment. I mean, the guy has experience working with Homeland Security Threat Assessment model and PCI model, and takes security seriously. But don't think for a moment he doesn't have a sense of humor, because he is constantly laughing, and always has a smile. I said he was our most serious member. I didn't say he was humorless.

    He has over 12 years of working and teaching experience. Most recently he served as senior lead architect for a Fortune 500 company, where he led strategic planning, IT strategy, and Architecture and Governance organization. He is also a professor at DeVry University, and has been honored by the Presidential Award and the PRIDE award, given to professors considered to be the very best at DeVry.

    Tommy holds a BSCS from the University of Central Florida, a MSCS from Webster University, and a special place in my heart!